Peter Bruntnell,
Ends of the Earth
(Back Porch, 2002)

This is true "listen to the words" kind of album.

The advance copy of Ends of the Earth that I received was missing a front cover so I am not sure if Peter Bruntnell has written all the tracks, but he certainly delivers them from the heart. He sounds as if he really means every word that he sings and this adds greatly to the enjoyment of the CD.

"One Drink Away" has a beautiful intro that leads to an equally lovely song. The theme may be sad but it is just a lovely song that is well written and oh-so simply performed. "We got married in the month of May, separated by the month of July."

"Ends of The Earth" is another laidback song that is hypnotic in its soft delivery. "Laredo Kent" continues this album of poetry put to music as it tells a story of a visit to a town in a hoarse and very feeling voice.

My absolute favourite track is the final one. "Murder in the Afternoon" opens with a fantastic set of sound effects of birds, water and thunder. It becomes a short story set to music. The title gives a fair idea of the theme of this song but it still draws the listener in and builds a tension with words and music. As with all good stories I will not spoil the ending for the thousands that I hope will buy and enjoy this amazing album.

Peter Bruntell is a new name to me but I certainly want to hear more of his work. It reminds me at times of Nick Cave at his most lyrical and of the delivery of bands like the Eagles on their slower numbers.

As I have written so often before, this is one of those CDs I want to have played on a thousand radio shows to let the world know that there is a lot more great music out there than the play lists allows us to hear. Break the cycle, go out and buy this. If you like great words, sensitive delivery and accomplished playing you are on to a winner.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 21 September 2002

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