Steven Brust,
(Tor, 2006)

Vlad Taltos used to be a crimelord in the Jhereg organization. Now, unfortunately, the very people for whom he used to work are out to get him, and for the last few years, he's been on the run. After the events related in Issola, however, he's back in Adrilahnka with a new Great Weapon at his side and a hankering for a good meal at the best place in town. But, this being Vlad, his meal is bound to be anything but boring.

It seems that while he was away, his former wife took over some of his former territory, but now the enigmatic Left Hand of the Jhereg, sorceresses also known rather unaffectionately as the "Bitch Patrol," are moving in on her. Cawti needs his help, and whether she wants it or not, she's going to get it.

Dzur shows Vlad in top form, doing what he does best, whether that's sneaking, assassination, threatening his goddess or helping those he loves. His first-person narration and wry sense of humor are worth the price of admission. The story is framed by descriptions of his dinner at Valabar's, and if that doesn't make you hungry, nothing will.

If you've never read Brust's Taltos novels before, what are you waiting for? Though Dzur, which takes up directly after Issola left off, wouldn't be the best place to begin the series -- which started with Jhereg -- these are rollicking adventures one and all, and it won't take you long to catch up. We'll wait.

by Laurie Thayer
18 November 2006

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