Mimi Burns Band,
I Know You're Out There
(independent, 2007)

"Netherworld," the opening song on the Mimi Burns Band's new CD, promises pleasure. It begins with guest artist Denny Andrews' bagpipes approaching from a distance. When the sound of the pipes reaches the foreground, the band comes in, so that guitars, mandolins and the insistent violin of Gwenda Turney joins in. Burns' vocals are the icing. This song lets you know you're not in for a traditional set of Celtic music.

Nope, the Mimi Burns Band tosses rock into the mix.

Lead vocalist Burns' voice, ripe and strong as fresh strawberries, floats in front of the band, which backs her admirably. Steve Tyler and Dan McCoy offer vocals as well as instrumental support, and the variety of their voices helps. The songs offer a pleasant blend of ballads and up-tempo tunes.

With all that going for it, why did I feel vaguely unsatisfied with the CD when it finished?

For one thing, the writing isn't always first rate. Although the lyrics are well-dressed by the arrangements, they don't always capture you. In too many cases, a predictability sets in, weakening the overall effect.

Mimi Burns is a good singer, the band is good and the arrangements satisfy. It's a promising album that shows that, with tighter writing, the Mimi Burns Band could offer something special.

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review by
Michael Scott Cain

1 March 2008

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