Holly Burton,
First Person Singular
(independent, 2001)

Holly Burton,
Little Seattlight
(independent, 2007)

In "Manhattan Bridge," the opening song on Little Seatlight, Holly Burton rhymes "rushin'" with "Russian" and builds a song around the fact that she can't find the Manhattan Bridge, which she describes as a structure that covers the water, connecting one side with another. I'm sure all of the listeners who did not know what a bridge was feel much more oriented now.

That's about the level of the writing, I'm afraid. "Catholic Girl's Dilemma" reminds us to close our eyes and dream of Jesus, who claimed he would save us. Burton's lyrics are mundane and literal, with little hint of depth. After a while, you're begging for a metaphor, but instead you get, in the song "Nine" (on First Person Singular, the five-song EP that came with Little Seatlight,) the singer counting from one to nine.

Enough said.

review by
Michael Scott Cain

5 January 2008

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