Jim Butcher,
The Dresden Files #11: Turn Coat
(Roc, 2010)

What do you do when a man who once wanted you dead shows up on your doorstep injured, tells you he's wanted by the White Council for a crime he didn't commit and, by the way, if you help him, you'll probably end up on the White Council's "Most Wanted" list as well?

If you're Harry Dresden, you help the man. That's just the way Chicago's only wizard PI rolls.

Of course, Harry's good intentions get him into trouble. It's not just the White Council who's after Morgan. An ancient Native American skinwalker, Binder, who can call all kinds of nasties from the NeverNever, is just one of the problems Harry runs across.

Oh, and the plot against Morgan isn't just in the White Council of mages. The White Court of vampires is involved as well.

Harry's got to call in a lot of favors from friends on this case. And yes, some of them are going to get hurt. This book's another pivot point in The Dresden Files, and you're not going to want to miss Turn Coat if you're a fan.

The one time I met Jim Butcher was at Conestoga in Tulsa, Okla., when Storm Front was first published. He laughingly said the book was an "Anita Blake ripoff." Quite honestly, Anita should be so lucky to have a creator who pays as much attention to developing her character as Butcher has to Harry Dresden. Harry's been through some tough times and he's certainly evolved, but he's never lost his True North. He's a good man who takes care of his friends -- and yeah, even supports his enemies when he knows they're right.

review by
Becky Kyle

10 July 2010

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