Shelley Campbell,
Blue Ridge Reveille
(Nettwerk America, 2004)

Shelley Campbell has been on the road. She's moved from place to place and groove to groove. Here she brings her sweet voice into a country-folk sound that travels from town to city and back out to the farm again.

Her background influences have been many and eclectic but she tries to keep the music simple. She is true to her own sound, the twang of a country guitar and a voice that sings about "Typical Truckin'," "New Year's Eve at the Legion," "Porch Swing" and "Simple Prayer." Her voice carries her homemade lyrics with a delicate roll and perfect timing.

You won't find any fancy work on this album and Campbell is good enough not to need it. Her lyrics are old-time country, a slow waltz like the folks used to dance to years ago. "Dreamin'" has a little bit of Kitty Wells in it, though the voice is pure Shelley.

Somewhere between Tennessee, Southern Ontario and Vancouver, Campbell's voice has found a place to rest among her own songs. And a proper place it is. There's a compelling quality to her voice that keeps your attention tuned and she has a comfort level with the music that seems like such a good fit. I have no qualms at all about recommending this album for some pleasant and well-done sensual and appealing country music.

- Rambles
written by Virginia MacIsaac
published 4 December 2004

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