Isobel Campbell
& Mark Lanegan,
Ramblin' Man
(V2 Ada, 2005)

What an amazing duo Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan make! Together, the pair forms an euphoric Johnny Cash and June Carter, with a splash of each artists' modern indie roots.

Isobel Campbell is a cellist, singer and composer who is most well known from the Scottish Twee-Pop band, Belle & Sebastion. Mark Lanegan was lead singer from the Seattle grunge band Screaming Trees. They have come together and produced a surprisingly mellow, windy summer day kind of magic.

Lanegan's weathered baritone singing is complemented by Isobel's sexy angelic whispering. Since his Screaming Trees days, Lanegan's solo albums have definitely reflected more of a country and folk influence, making him a perfect fit with Campbell's June Carter.

Ramblin' Man is so soft and loving and mellow it almost wraps itself around your soul like an old, favorite quilt. Unfortunately, it's short -- only four tracks. For more from the duo, check out their full-length follow-up album, Ballad of the Broken Seas.

by Beth Chaunce
8 July 2006

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