Captain Tractor,
North of the Yellowhead
(Sixshooter, 2008)

Somewhere on the road from folk to mainstream, in between the Pogues' whiskey- and weed-fueled poetry and and Great Big Sea's watery folk-pop, lies the burnt-out hulk of many a "party band."

You know the kind. They are a bunch of blokes that celebrate drinking, partying and being in a band in a frenetic, student-pleasing, beer-soaked frenzy. They are clumsy, lack sublety, swear a bit and have left their sense of deftness and tact at the door.

So, let's keep this short. If you are a fan of that kind of thing, then Captain Tractor's North of the Yellowhead will bring back many happily blurred memories. It just gets on my nerves.

review by
Tim Readman

19 April 2008

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