Kenny Carr,
Friday at Five
(Zoozazz, 2005)

Friday at Five was originally intended as a demo tape made with friends for Santa Cruz native Kenny Carr. Recorded over a two-day period, the tunes were recorded with a feeling of a live setting. The tapes were forgotten for 10 years.

Kenny began his musical education at age 9 with a violin. Two years later he switched to the guitar. The classical music world's loss is the guitar and blues/jazz world's gain. Kenny began performing in the Santa Cruz area at age 16. He later attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

It is easy to see why guitarist Carr played with the legendary blues man Ray Charles for more than 10 years. Kenny has mastered his craft well.

His collection of nine tunes that became the album Friday at Five is a masterpiece of work that could easily fit along side other jazz and blues masters like B.B. King, Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour.

Friday at Five is a CD to put on the player, sit back and become absorbed in the world of music that is Kenny Carr.

by Sherrill Fulghum
14 April 2007

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