The Carsons,
(self-produced, 2001)

This brother and sister team of Tyler and Kendal Carson are a young country sound. The six cuts on this CD are all great pieces of music, and the Carsons are pretty lively.

I would guess they are proud of their western Canadian upbringing too, if their album title is any indication. .CA says it all.

They look young and they sound young. That's good. The pieces are full of spunk and a lot of enjoyment shines through. The musical precision, the fiddle playing, the instrumentals are bang on. The vocals sound so together, you can tell they'd be a real hit at a live performance, but they could be a little stronger on the recording and I can see that happening easily in time.

"Red Line" is really well done, it's such a beautiful song. There's some great fiddling, and though it's country, there's a strong Celtic call in the fiddle tunes that spins you down home to the barn dances.

I would call this real denim-and-checkered shirts music. Kick your boot heels up for a while, then sit and relax on the front porch.

It's difficult to get a real good feel for their strengths with just six cuts, but each one sure does feature the diverse talents of the duo. This music is a great start for a couple of talented musicians who sound really good together. I think they have to find a way to bring more power into the vocals and then they'll be swingin'.

- Rambles
written by Virginia MacIsaac
published 9 November 2002