Pierre Schryer & Quinn Bachand
at the Festival Club, St. Ann's, Cape Breton (10 October 2009)

There was a much bigger crowd at the Festival Club tonight. I learned that, as people were parking their vehicles, they were actually being told they might not get in because it was already packed only an hour after opening. There wasn't an empty seat in the house, nor was there much standing room -- except for the dance floor!

These people were very fortunate to be there on this evening, because there were many wonderful performances. For me, the brightest spotlight was for Pierre Schryer and Quinn Bachand. They were absolutely amazing. My guess is that they don't play together on a regular basis, but one would never know this based it on this performance. When I walked out of the green room, the audience was going wild. The duo was playing what sounded like some old-time and jazz tunes. They were looking at each other, with their faces only inches apart, and I swear, it was like they were reading each other's minds. Schryer did a fancy descending run down his fingerboard, and Bachand did the same, flawlessly. They were playing off of one another so well and they blasted through tune after tune, consistently wowing the crowd. The audience was whistling and clapping through the whole thing and I could see the people who were way at the back of the hall dancing in front of the fireplace. Some of the artists even came out of the green room to dance to the music in the hallway!

I really hope to see more of these two, together, in the future. As a fiddle player, myself, their music definitely made me sit a little taller. I am awestruck.

review by
Kaitlin Hahn

28 November 2009

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