Festival Club
at the Gaelic College, St. Ann's, Cape Breton
(9 October 2009)

It's the opening night of Celtic Colours, and after an amazing first show I headed over to the Festival Club at the Gaelic College to hear some more of the wonderful talent that is being offered this year. While the crowd was small, the entertainment was top game.

I really enjoyed everyone that performed this evening. There were many singers and songwriters featured, but the highlight for me was the closing act, which included Shelly Campbell, Andrea Beaton and Troy MacGillivray on fiddles, Allan Dewar on piano and Cheryl Smith on drums. They blasted through lively sets of strathspeys and reels, some lasting 10 minutes or more! It was easy to see they were having fun in the process, which rubbed off on the audience. I could hear toes tapping all around me and could see many smiling faces and heads bobbing back and forth to the steady beat.

One of my favorite things about the Festival Club is how artists are taken from their various bands and are put together in different configurations for impromptu, often unrehearsed performances on the stage. It keeps things exciting and interesting, which brings audiences back again and again. This performance showed that and I'm really looking forward to more. The festival is off to a brilliant start.

review by
Kaitlin Hahn

24 October 2009

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