Day 3
at the Gaelic College of Arts & Crafts,
Festival Club, St. Ann's, Cape Breton (10 October 2011)

There was another good-sized crowd at Festival Club tonight, the third night of the festival. The audience was lucky to be here because the music was a real treat, the drinks were flowing and the fire felt so good on a chilly night.

The highlight of the evening was an interesting one tonight. I have seen Pepeto Pinto on YouTube before, but I had never seen him perform live. I was completely blown away.

Pinto is from Jamaica, and he has adapted Celtic music to the steel drums. It was amazing to see. He played strathspeys and reels, up to speed, on them, and he looked like he was having a lot of fun on stage. Naturally, the crowd went nuts over it. He is a master of his instrument and I hope to hear more of him at Celtic festivals, far and wide, in the future.

I highly recommend checking out his website at

review by
Kaitlin Hahn

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