Charles de Lint,
(Tor, 1994)

Moonheart was my very first Charles de Lint book. Subsequently, I've scoured the bookstores for any and all other books by Charles de Lint. So, merely to say that I kinda liked the book is an understatement (to say the least).

The book is written in the style of urban/mythic fantasy, which means that elements of fantasy are embedded into a Real World situation. In this genre (much like Terri Windling's Bordertown series), elves, faeries, and other mythical elements are mixed in with rock 'n' roll, blue jeans and other aspects of the Real World (as we know it). In this genre, it is possible that faeries, unicorns and monsters DO walk the contemporary world with us, it's just that we refuse to see them because we don't believe.

In Moonheart, de Lint not only mixes elements of the European fey, he also uses the mythical elements of Native American cultures. He meticously weaves mythical elements of the European sidhe with the manitou of the Native Americans to create a wonderful storyline of love, war, self-discovery and fantasy within a very realistic tale. The author has carefully done his research, using actual mythical elements of these cultures in keeping with their legends instead of simply throwing away the legends in favor of fanstastical creativity. This research lends a breath of realism and solid believablity to Moonheart.

The main storyline of Moonheart revolves around the Tamson House, a residence spanning several city blocks in the heart of Ottawa, Canada. Tamson House is where Sara and her uncle, Jamie Tams, live in some seclusion from the rest of the world. Various people come, live and go into Tamson House over the years. When Sara finds a mysterious ring and ivory chip that seems to be connected to a murder, a series of events unfold revealing that Tamson House is more than the home that Sara knows and loves, and the people that she's met are more than what they appear to be -- including her own uncle.

This information is all that I can adequately give without ruining the entire plotline of Moonheart for you. Regardless to say that once you read this book, you'll see why I leave its magical and heartwarming tale for your reading. This book is one of my all-time favorite novels by any writer, in any genre.

[ by Jade Falcon ]

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