Chantal Chamandy,
Love Needs You
(Nine Muse, 2006)

This angel of song is a testament to how the Earth today has become a multi-cultural world. Chantal Chamandy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to a Greek Egyptian father and a Lebanese mother, but Chantal was raised in Montreal, Quebec. In life and on her debut album Love Needs You, Chantal speaks a number of languages: French, English, Arabic and Spanish. But the one language spoken above all others here is the language of love.

This singer, songwriter and pianist produces music that isn't just about love but at times is very sensual, and even sexual. In years past her music would have been banned from the airwaves for its content. In many Arabic nations, pop and rock music is not allowed because it is viewed as immoral and sacrilegious, and in these same countries Chantal's music would most certainly be frowned upon. Even so, her music is not played over the commercial airwaves in the U.S. -- but it should be. Chantal presents a refreshing change from the music typically found on the radio.

Love Needs You is a collection of 14 songs ranging from powerful ballads to high-energy dance tunes. There is some very distinct Latin and Middle-Eastern music heard on some of the tracks.

The music of Chantal Chamandy may be labeled as pop, but it most definitely is world music in content and sound.

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review by
Sherrill Fulghum

14 June 2008

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