Popa Chubby,
Electric Chubbyland, Vols. 1-2
(Blind Pig, 2006)

On this two-disc set, Popa Chubby, the blues-rocker from New York City, pays tribute to the catalogue of Jimi Hendrix, giving us his take on a total of 22 Hendrix songs. It's just Chubby's voice and guitar and a rhythm section doing Hendrix song after Hendrix song, more than two hours of them in all. You have never heard such a relentless wah-wah pedal assault.

Popa Chubby is a first-rate blues man, capable of making a guitar cry, but on this set, after a while, it cries for mercy. Most of the music is familiar and you find yourself asking, "Do we really need a new version of 'The Wind Cries Mary?' Was another 'Foxy Lady' necessary?" Especially when these versions hew so closely to the originals -- it's hard to put an original stamp on Hendrix material, and Chubby does not always succeed.

If your answer to the above questions is "yes" and if you like to hear Popa Chubby playing music that is not his own, you'll enjoy this set. Me, I think I'll wait for his next set of original stuff.

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review by
Michael Scott Cain

20 October 2007

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