Classical Spirit,
Classical Spirit
(Higher Octave, 2003)

There are firm boundaries dividing the musical genres of new age, sacred chant, electronica and classical music. And you'll find them all crossed here, on Classical Spirit, a self-titled album from the genius of The Brave (a.k.a. Klaus Zundel). Drawing on classical roots and inspirations, this oddly named writer and producer has created layers of lush sound that stir the spirit and mend the soul.

The music sits quietly in the background, a perfect ambient moodsetter or inducement to relax. It flows gently, washing over your senses without intruding. But, unlike much of the music on the ambient market, Classical Spirit stands up to focused attention, too. Let the music hook your ear and follow the delicate, highly detailed textures of sound. Hone in on the nuances and marvel at the sophistication and workmanship. It intrigues and absorbs. It satisfies and uplifts. It soothes and entertains.

Classical Spirit is not for the classic music snob. But for those whose tastes stretch from Ludwig von Beethoven to Hildegard von Bingen and from Jean Michel Jarre to Enigma, there's a whole lot here to like.

by Tom Knapp
5 August 2006

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