Mike Clifford,
Stay in Motion
(independent, 2013)

I'm a huge fan of American roots music, and Mike Clifford's Stay in Motion has some solid examples, as well as some songs that draw on Celtic roots and r&b. I love the eclecticism!

The lyrics are intelligent, which I appreciate. And the melodies are very catchy. On the whole, it's an attractive mix of modern folk.

In particular, I really liked the title track, "Stay in Motion," which is very catchy, and all-around well done. Similarly, "Trouble Come Tumbling Down" and "Tired Age," two very different songs, are really solid. I also enjoyed the r&b elements of "What I'm Talkin 'Bout" and "When the River Runs Dry."

It's a good album, with several excellent songs. I liked the lyrics, and the arrangements were very well done. I'll be listening to this album when I'm working in the studio, and I'm fussy about that.

I think the arrangements could use some increased dynamic range. Otherwise, it's a very solid package!

music review by
Amanda Fisher

2 August 2014

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