Will Clipman,
(Canyon, 2007)

Solo percussion CDs are unusual by definition, and especially when done by Native American drummer Will Clipman.

Clipman does vocal chants and plays percussion that includes hand drums, bowls, chimes, djembe, water drums, cymbals, rainstick, gongs and many things you have probably never heard of (for example, caxixis, udu and corn goddess whistle).

This is a meditative CD, something you would most likely play for a quiet time of reflection. There are six to 12 instruments on each composition and they are different for each of the 13 tracks, so there is a greater variety than you might think.

All the tunes are quiet. Clipman is part Cherokee, so it is no surprise that much of his music has a Native American influence. Other tunes, like "Reflecting Pool," sound Oriental. And this one could be called a tune, since Clipman includes chimes and other percussion that play musical notes.

The instruments from many different cultures makes the music seem mysterious and exotic at many points. If you are interested in exploring something different, this CD is a pathfinder.

review by
Dave Howell

9 August 2008

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