C. Nathan Coyle is a coffee-loving Methodist architect living in the Lexington, Kentucky, area. He dreams of traveling and gardening, but rarely gets to do either. (Life is busy these days, but he prefers it that way.)

Nathan used to be quite proficient at keeping up with entertainment/media, but a combination of kids, work, age and SO MANY OPTIONS has left him thoroughly overwhelmed and often one season behind everyone's favorite series. (Also, it's worth mentioning that he used to be a huge comic-book geek, but who can afford them these days? Shame on you, DC & Marvel!)

Nathan thoroughly enjoys reviewing material for Rambles.NET, as the contributors often fall outside of the mainstream (not that there's anything wrong with that). He wants to thank each writer and artist for submitting material. Even if he takes a critical tone, please know that your work is still appreciated and substantial to the literary and musical fabric of society.

Reviews by Nathan include:

Acoustic Endeavors
Sneak Preview

Edie Adams
The Edie Adams Christmas Album

Harold Arlen, Ira Gershwin & Ray Heindorf
A Star is Born

Asylum Street Spankers
Mommy Says NO!

Jeff Ball
Songs of Winter

Short Stories

The Bill Hilly Band
All Day Every Day

Kristian Blak
Shalder Geo

Tom Bolton
When I Cross the River

Doyle Bramhall
Fitchburg Street

Sir Christemas: Songs of the Season

Kevin Brunkhorst & Paul Tynan

Carl Cacho

Mike Campbell
Mars Outback

Deana Carter
The Chain

John Cipolla & Doc Livingston

Wendy Conrad
Ghosts That Aren't Mine

Jack Cooper
Land of Plenty

Coyote Run
Don't Hold Back

Johnny Cuomo
American Idle

Valerie DeLaCruz
They'll Never Know

Halley Devestern
Superhero Killer

Deryl Dodd
Stronger Proof

Electric Angel

Enoch Train
Set Sail

Ensemble Galilei
A Winter's Night: Christmas in the Great Hall

Miche Fambro
Cafe Vignettes

Karen Fay
Empiric Lyric

Rick Fielding
Acoustic Workshop

5-Man Trio
You Do the Math

Jennifer Friedman
You are Creation

Gaia Consort

Bill Hibbets
Bricks & Trees

Warren Hill
A Warren Hill Christmas

Spirit of the Season

Andi Hoffman & B-Goes
Living in the Big Wide World

Gina Holsopple
Rain Princess

The Hoodoo Kings
The Hoodoo Kings

Heather Horak
Lucky Charm

James Newton Howard

Annie Humphrey
Edge of America

June Star

Reiki Whale Song

Alex Kash
Florida Heat

Toby Keith
Shock'n Y'All

Ben Bowen King
Sidewalk Saints: Roots Gospel Guitar

Jimmy King
Live at Monterey

Papa John Kolstad & the Hot Club of East Lake

Jordan Kolton
When the Hammer Drops

James Krueger

Lackawanna Rail
I Think You Should Know

Last Train Home
Last Good Kiss

Tracy Lawrence

The Laws

John Lester
So Many Reasons

Lonesome Brothers
Swamptown Girl

Steve Mayone
Bedroom Rockstar

Gerardo Maza
The Conscious Flow of Dreams

Richie McDonald
If Every Day Could Be Christmas

Mark McKay
Live from the Memory Hotel

Misty River

John Montgomery
One Step Away

Fred Moolten
The Way We Are

Pete Muller
More Than This

Howie Newman
Trust Me, You'll Like It

Alecia Nugent

The Oriskany Strings
Mostly Gospel

Judith Owen
Christmas in July

Tom Pacheco
There Was a Time

Paul Pasch
Tornado Sky

Paul & Storm
Gumbo Pants


Steven Pile


Polecat Creek
Salt Sea Bound

The Porch Rockers
Heard the News

Tim Readman & Jennie Bice
Out of the Green

James Reams & Walter Hensley
The Barons of Bluegrass

Jamie Reno
All American Music

Ruben Romero & Robert Notkoff
Christmas in Santa Fe

Sid Selvidge
A Little Bit of Rain

The Silvermen
Incendiary Luminary

Paula Sinclair & Uncle Tumbleweed
The Good Horse

Soul Providers
Smooth Urban Grooves

Mike Strasser
Alienation Cafe

Jeff Talmadge

Richard Thorne
Freight Trains & Strange Dreams, with the Teasels
Undercover Overachiever

Three Day Threshold
Against the Grain

Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel
Peace on Earth: The Best of Tingstad & Rumbel Christmas

The Uncle Brothers
Monkey's Uncle

various artists
Classic Cool
Freeway Jam: To Beck & Back
French Cafe
High School Musical
Ice Princess
Lady & the Tramp & Friends
No Depression: What It Sounds Like, Vol. 1
North to Ontario 2007
O Christmas Tree: A Bluegrass Collection for the Holidays
A Pinecastle Christmas Gatherin'
South Africa
Superstar Hits: The Ultimate Collection of Movie Hits
True Bluegrass
The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of the Carter Family

Think God

Geoffrey Welchman
One Band Man

Well-Tempered String Band

John Williams
The Terminal

Meredith Willson
The Music Man

Gretchen Witt

Jeff Woodell
Pictures of Nothing

Marva Wright
After the Levees Broke

Hans Zimmer

Adam Zwig
Cast Iron Letters

Bob Andelman
Will Eisner: A Spirited Life

Kevin J. Anderson
Enemies & Allies
The Last Days of Krypton

Gregory J. Austin, with Rick Sellers
Fallen City

Theresa Bane & Cynthia Moore Brown
Folktales & Ghost Stories of North Carolina's Piedmont

John Blase
Touching Wonder: Recapturing the Awe of Christmas

Boris Bouquerel
Say Hello to Jupiter

Orson Scott Card
First Meetings in Ender's Universe

Dave Cooper
Suckle: The Status of Basil

William P. Crawford
The Lake

Vu X. Do
The Beginning, The Seventh Storm, The End

Karen Duvall
Project Resurrection

Roy Heizer
Cincinnati Cemeteries: Hauntings & Other Legends

Rich Koslowski
Three Fingers

Kevin Burton McGuire
Fire Gazer: Arson at the Wolfe House

David Nevin

Jason Parent
Wrathbone & Other Stories

John Pelan, editor
A Walk on the Darkside: Visions of Horror

Anne Perry
Come Armageddon

Mike Resnick, editor
New Voices in Science Fiction

Jimmy Root Jr.
The Lightning Chronicles I: Distant Thunder

Greg Rucka
Patriot Acts

John Scalzi

Patrick Taylor
An Irish Country Courtship

Kathy Tyers
Shivering World

Glenn Yeffeth, editor
Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy & Religion in The Matrix

Federico Zeri
Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights

American Elf (Book 2): The Collected Sketchbook Diaries of James Kochalka

Captain Britain

The Crystal Ballroom

Dick Tracy
The Collins Casefiles, Vol. 2


Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince


Fred the Clown

Further Grickle

Gold Mine! The California Gold Rush Story

Graphic Classics
• #7: Bram Stoker
• #9: Robert Louis Stevenson
• #10: Horror Classics
• #11: O. Henry
• #17: Science Fiction Classics

Hero Squared, Vol. 2: Another Fine Mess

Hunter's Moon

The Iron Wagon

Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War

Lone Racer

Lone Wolf 2100, Vol. 3: Pattern Storm

Marshal Law: Blood, Sweat & Fears

Meridian #1: Flying Solo

MPD-Psycho No. 1

Oddly Normal: Family Reunion

Pacific Bound: The Adventures of Lewis & Clark

The Path: Crisis of Faith

Peanutbutter & Jeremy's Best Book Ever!

Please Release

Regards from Serbia

Scion #6: Royal Wedding

Second Wave

Sigil #5: Death Match

The Sky Over the Louvre

Steve Canyon
• #3: 1949

Tits, Ass & Real Estate

Warhammer: Forge of War

Way of the Rat #3: Haunted Zhumar

Wonder Woman
The True Amazon

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga

1.0: Collocation
2.0: Heart of Fire