Colleen Coadic,
You Feel this Good
(12 Records, 2004)

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Colleen Coadic emerged from a musical family. With You Feel This Good she released her fifth album, exactly 10 years after her debut. The CD has been produced by Sean Cobb, who also plays bass, keyboards, percussion and sitar. Aaron Anderson on drums and Seth Blankenship on additional percussion complete the lineup.

Coadic is a great guitar player and she stresses that she only works with acoustic guitars. She is an excellent singer and songwriter with a powerful voice, and she sings about life, love and the world of a young woman. Her music reminds me of bands like 4 Non Blondes and Pavlov's Dog, but she nevertheless creates a unique and fresh sound.

The opening track "Flatbelly" is also my favourite song. Fantastic guitar riffs and a terrific rhythm section as well as Coadic's frantic singing make this song a perfect start. Other highlights on the album are "Everything Turns to Gold," which gave the album its title, and "Wicked Kate," a hauntingly beautiful and hypnotic song. All songs are written by Coadic and recorded and mixed by Cobb.

Colleen Coadic lives today in Alaska and makes her living from music, working in her own record studio for her own record label. A new CD will be released later this year.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

27 October 2007

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