Elizabeth J. Cockey,
Drawn from Memory: A Personal Story of Healing Through Art
(Ovation, 2007)

Elizabeth J. Cockey, a motivational speaker in the Baltimore, Md., area, works closely with the Alzheimer's Foundation. She has been creating innovative art therapy treatments to help her patients and she offers her programs to a variety of settings. She holds degrees in art and psychology, and she also holds a master's in art therapy.

This book is an exciting account of her personal story as a mother and a therapist. Cockey has to cope both with her son's mental illness and her serious financial problems. She soon becomes disheartened by her personal problems, but when Gertrude, a 90-year-old patient, appears in her life, she finds a way to fight back and reclaim her life. Cockey is an art therapist who works with people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease, offering her patients the positive influences of art therapy that can bring joy and hope to them.

Apart from a good storyline that involves the author's life story through the years, the book is also an excellent read for all those interested in the issues of art therapy, old age and people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. Moreover, it is educational as it indicates alternative ways of helping people in those difficult situations. The language is simple and easy to read, and it caters to all ages over 18 and to a wide range of readership. There are interesting problem situations that happen in our daily life, which link to problem solving through a positive outlook on life. It is a very interesting story, yet a unique one in its kind.

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review by
Liana Metal

24 November 2007

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