Rebecca Cole,
(RRP, 2004)

There are only eight tracks on this album and that leaves the listener wishing for more.

Rebecca Cole is another classically trained musician who has found her niche in folk-based material with elements of the blues and rock. It's a nice mix.

Bloom includes a trio of tunes from an earlier album and five new originals, all of which are delivered with energy and warmth. Cole has a warm, sultry voice and belts out a song with feeling. She claims influence by Mahalia Jackson, Eva Cassidy and Bonnie Raitt, and that influence shines through in a good sense.

She's backed by a band of experienced musicians who obviously enjoy playing together. The crew consists of Reese Perkins, lead guitar; Steve Allen, bass; Kevin Gaithright, drums; and Byron Tate, harmonica. Guy Forsyth contributes on harmonica for "Flavila Cates" and saw for the lovely "White Satin."

If I had to pick favorites on this CD my choices would be the aforementioned "White Satin" and "Sapphire," though I don't think there are any throwaways on this album.

by John R. Lindermuth
20 May 2006

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