Steve Cole,
(Narada, 2006)

Looking for a bit of a departure from his usual jazz albums, Chicago native and sax player Steve Cole learned to play the acoustic guitar. Using his newfound knowledge, Cole used the guitar to create all of the songs on his Narada debut Spin.

Cole said he needed the guitar to write what he was hearing in his head. But fans have no need to worry, Steve has not abandoned his saxophone, he has merely added to his talents.

The music on Spin is vey much like that of Dave Koz or the Rippingtons. This may not be the perfect CD for snuggling up with that special someone, but it is a great CD for listening to some good music -- one that will often find its way to the CD player.

In the days before CDs, when long-playing records (LPs) were the rage, a DJ would "spin" a record. Cole shows a record playing on the back of the CD case, and the CD itself resembles an LP with its grooves and label.

by Sherrill Fulghum
5 May 2007

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