Julie Collings,
Julie Collings
(self-produced, 2005)

This is acoustic music at its most effective, with songs so exquisite they find a place inside your head to fit perfectly. Julie Collings is a Derby-based singer-songwriter combining her vocal talents along with her writing and her guitar abilities. Here is a musician who relies on the strength of her gentle vocals and the incredible way she plays her guitar.

There is a classical and folk influence here both instrumentally and vocally. The second track, "Tread Carefully," has the definite potential as a pop song but, given its raw acoustic resonance, it refuses to be categorised so easily. Simply fantastic guitar on the opening "Simple Things," Julie's vocals sound nothing short of beautiful. A singer with one of those voices that you can lose yourself in, getting carried away on the strength of the song. The EP ends with a tune called "Flotsam," a song with a sadness that Julie sings with sincerity.

Together with her voice and the music, these songs cradle you as you listen. It may sound pretentious but they really are enchanting to hear. Julie's natural acoustic recording with the honesty of her voice and playing creates a serenity that is rare in most musicians around today.

Julie is in the studio now working on her new album collaborating with a variety of musicians. Visit her website for more details on how to purchase her music and where to see her perform live.

- Rambles
written by Jo Overfield
published 2 April 2005

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