Kevin Collins,
Full Circle: From an Island to an Island, Volume 2
(Landwash, 2007)

Subtitled "From an Island to an Island, Volume 2," this wonderful DVD does what it promises. Following his earlier release filmed in Ireland, Kevin Collins now invites us to visit Newfoundland and Labrador in a magical combination of music, interviews and stunning scenery.

Collins has a beautifully modulated voice, making him an ideal host on this journey that has special significance for Irish people and in particular those from my own southeast corner, but it will enthral anyone who enjoys wild untamed lands and good country/folk music.

He opens with the title track and welcomes us to his homeland. Some people will be familiar with this song already. Throughout the DVD he introduces new songs that are wonderful in their content and delivery. This is particularly true of "Will They Lie There Evermore?" and "Far Side of the Jordan." He introduces a marvelous accordion player called Ray Walsh who whisks us over land and sea with a rollicking "Newfoundland & Labrador Medley."

Some of my favourite tracks are "The Photograph" and "This is My Home." He ends the music section with a celebration or lament of the strolling player on "The Road That Never Ends."

All of the musical treats are interspersed with very interesting short chats with people of this land from fisher folk through music shop owners to families whose ancestors left Ireland generations ago but still retain the music. Listening to those accents and the surnames you could be in Wexford or Waterford in Ireland because they "never lost it," as we say here.

Buy this as a musical treat and get the scenery for free, or buy it as a travelogue and get the songs as bonuses. Either way you win, and I bet Newfoundland and Labrador will win, too, with increased tourism.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

25 August 2007

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