Mitzie Collins,
(Sampler, 1986)

On this 1986 Sampler Records release, simply titled Nowell, hammered dulcimer virtuoso and Sampler Records founder and president Mitzie Collins is joined by musical colleagues Roxanne Ziegler on harp and Glennda Dove on the flute.

Nowell -- a traditional English holiday greeting -- is a collection of 14 tracks, some medleys, of tunes of music from the 15th to 18th centuries from around the world. The music on Nowell is more of a religious and classical flavour as opposed to the cutesy commercial songs that are so popular today. Thus, 20-year-old Nowell is a refreshing change from the typical Christmas album you'll find dominating the music racks at this time of year.

Despite the religious nature of Nowell the tunes are still a wonderful collection of holiday music fit for any audience whether religious or not, traditional or new wave.

Nowell may be an album created for the Christmas season, but it is an album fans can enjoy anytime of the year.

by Sherrill Fulghum
23 December 2006