Kevin Collins,
The Photograph
(Sawyer Hill, 2006)

This album from Kevin Collins offers an eclectic collection of music. It ranges from older, familiar pop tunes through lesser-known tracks to original work from Collins.

Collins could probably be described as a "safe pair of hands" in the music business in that he delivers beautiful songs, beautifully sung. Opening with "Take These Chains from My Heart" he immediately reveals his credentials as a fine vocalist who understands and loves the music he delivers.

His selections on this album will appeal to a wide audience. It has something for everybody. Roger Miller's "Invitation to the Blues" is a simple, beautifully delivered song that carries the listener along. He also gives us more traditional songs like "Mockingbird Hill" and "Come With Me Molly."

Another great joy of hearing a new Kevin Collins CD is discovering the gems of a bygone age that he has regenerated. On this outing I particularly enjoyed "Just Walk on By" from the pen of Leroy Van Dyke. The last time I played this was on an old 45.

The title track, "The Photograph," reminds us that Collins is not simply a purveyor of other people's songs. He has a great writing talent and a sense of history and place that cannot be learned or pretended. This is a beautiful word picture that will resonate in many families as we look back to better times. He is not afraid of rocking it up a bit either as evidenced on "Six Days on the Road."

The album ends with another gem called "Road That Never Ends." This will be taken up by many bands, especially in Ireland, for its lovely rhythm and simple lyrics, a winning formula.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

19 May 2007

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