Cindy Combs,
Slack Key Lady
(Dancing Cat, 2001)

Sometimes, music so gentle they warm you, and Slack Key Lady is full of those tunes. From the first note to the last, Cindy Combs creates powerful music that leaves you feeling good.

Most of the tracks are instrumental pieces, with Combs creating beautiful melodies on her guitar. She does sing on a few songs, and when she does her voice is sweet to hear.

The CD starts off with the fragrance of "Hi'ilawe," a song that carries the smell of orchids and lilies. Then comes "Kalena Kai," a song of the morning, the notes painting images of sunrise after sunrise. Combs' singing adds a touch of jazz to "Sweet Leilani." "Roselani Blossoms" is a graceful tune that weaves itself around you. She sings in Hawaiian in "Kipu," and the song has a feel of home in it. This is followed by music that welcomes and invites you in "Ke Welina."

Some of the beauty and wildness of nature is captured in "Makani 'Ula'ula." There is a sense of longing in the music and lyrics of "Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u." Then comes "Kaulana Na Pua," a piece that blends pride in one's homeland with a deep longing.

"Wahine 'Ilikea" is a gentle tune that wraps it self around you like a mist. You can hear the longing in her voice in "Sweet Memory," a touching song sung in Hawaiian. The CD ends off with "Whispering Hope (Soft as the Voice of an Angel)," a magical piece that contains a touch of starlight. The music is so bright it shines and the notes are full of love.

Cindy Combs has created some wonderful music in Slack Key Lady. Her guitar sings and at times catches a piece of magic in the melody. Listen to her play and enjoy.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 18 May 2002

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