The Way Out is Via the Door
(482 Music, 2002)

This is a late-night relaxing CD. Close the shades, stoke up the fire and sip a glass of wine as you immerse yourself in the deep rich sounds of Courage, a band comprising John Mills, Steve Swallow, Chris Massey and Robert Creeley. Lyrics on The Way Out is Via the Door appear to be drawn from various sources; the music is all original to the band.

There are no "hit" tracks to be drawn from this CD. It is pure and simple an album that will bring enjoyment any listener who is willing and open to trying new adventures in music. Each track has an individual resonance, but the album needs to be listened to in solitude as a concept piece.

The music is a combination of world beat, jazz and classical, mixed with thought-provoking words that will exercise your mind. Listen closely and you'll find yourself asking questions from the realms of philosophy and poetry.

Give Courage a fair hearing and you will find much to enjoy in The Way Out is Via the Door.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 9 November 2002

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