Frank Critelli,
Waltzing Through Quicksand
(Thin Man, 2008)

What a fantastic title for an album!

The cover on Frank Critelli's Waltzing Through Quicksand insists that we play this CD loud, and in many ways that is the best way to appreciate it. The dozen tracks are from Critelli, and they display an excellent talent not just for writing and composing but also for delivery.

The topics are ordinary and will speak to most listeners at some point in our lives. In many ways, this is the great strength of albums like this. We all love someone expressing our thoughts, loves and fears better than we ever could.

Just mentioning some of the track titles will give you an idea of the flavor that is in store for the listener: "Only She Knows," "Conversation in a Laundromat," "Another Day" and "Come Away." "What I Did" is a lovely, catchy, country-sounding track that has the toe tapping in time as we listen to simple lyrics telling our tales. He ends with "Have a Good Time," and if you listen to this CD that is what you will have.

music review by
Nicky Rossiter

31 March 2012

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