Cyberforce: Rising from the Ashes
by various writers & artists (Top Cow, 2007)

What do you do when you want to write or draw the X-Men, but can't for any number of reasons? Why, you write or draw Cyberforce.

Imitation isn't a new concept, and concepts can't be copyrighted anyway, so you won't be sued. And there's no shame in imitation, right? After all, the X-Men are an imitation of the earlier Justice League of America, possibly the first superhero team. And Cyberforce is not even close to being the first imitation.

So what does one do to bring something new to the concept?

It's all about style or substance, buckaroo, because everything else is formula. The formula is certainly abundant in Cyberforce. Conflict. Resolution by force.

The conflict is always something like theft (robbing a bank to robbing the universe of its life force) or dominance (one person/group over another to world domination to universal domination). "Resolution by force" means everything from fist fights to war.

And let's not forget superpowers and costumes.

So, outside of different faces, superpowers and costumes, what style separates Cyberforce from the X-Men or Justice League of America or Avengers or Teen Titans or -- you get the idea.

Well, there's, er, ah, uh, duh. Then there's er, ah, uh, duh. And....

Oh. The art is different. Not better. Different.

Don't get me wrong; this series isn't poorly written or drawn. There is much to recommend this title. So if you just can't get enough spandex-clad, super-powered, world-saving super-teams, here is another one, friend. Enjoy.

review by
Michael Vance

1 March 2008

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