Charlie's Lonely Sunday
(Boronda, 2007)

Dafni has a lot of different influences on this CD, mixing a little alt-country, cabaret and even a bit of Cajun into the sound. Her music is enhanced by a band with musicians who play accordion, resonator guitar and banjo, fiddle, mandolin and electric guitar.

The lyrics are simple, perhaps too much so, like the refrain from "Honey Honey," which goes:

All night long I dream of you
I dream of you and me
Is this the way it's supposed to be
Or just some fantasy?"

This might be purposeful, however. With Charlie's Lonely Sunday, Dafni seems to be recreating a past era when songs and romance were uncomplicated, with lyrics about dancing that even include the word "darlin'" in her old-time country inflections.

Despite the lack of variety on some of the 13 cuts, these songs have an Americana appeal for listeners with a taste for old-fashioned sentiments.

review by
Dave Howell

25 July 2009

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