Sweet Time
(Daffer Doodle, 2011)

Fans of early Joni Mitchell will gravitate to what Dafni is doing. Her voice is solid, folky with a slightly jazzy overtinge, and she writes songs that suit her range and inflective choices. Accompaniments are sparse, mostly fingerpicked guitars, with the occasional piano and chorus of male backup voices behind her.

Sweet Time is a celebration of mellowness. Whether Dafni is working the folky, jazz or country sides of the street, she never leaves the range of the laid-back; her favorite key appears to be low.

"Someday" serves as a good example of the perfect Dafni song. Overall, it is country in feel, but her vocal is jazz-inflected while the accompaniment shifts from country to folky. As is the case with a lot of Dafni's material, the song is a touch on the quirky side, but it never really makes any demands of you. Like all of her stuff, it is too kind to really assert itself.

music review by
Michael Scott Cain

21 May 2011

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