Cheri Dale,
with Helene Attia,
A Garden of Songs
for the Magical Child

(self-produced, 2006)

When Cheri Dale prayed for songs with which to nurture her young child, her answer was a series of 48 songs which came to her over the next 18 months. Seventeen of those songs are collected on A Garden of Songs for the Magical Child.

Since these are songs meant for children, the tunes are simple and presented simply, with one singer accompanied by one or two instruments (mainly guitar and piano). The tunes are melodic and flowing, easy to sing to and many would make good lullabies.

Words and music are by Cheri Dale, with vocals provided by Helene Attia, whose lovely, warm voice is well-suited to the quiet nature of the tunes. Jack Gates and Kit Walker provide accompaniment.

These are mostly songs to be shared between parent and child, in those quiet times when the rest of the world is far away. Children should love this CD, but even an adult might enjoy a visit to A Garden of Songs.

by Laurie Thayer
3 March 2007

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