Sheila A. Dane,
Fairy Hunters, Ink.
(Dane & Dane, 2008)

Laura and her young friend Ashley have a knack for spotting fairies. With some help from a Rabbit and a Turtle, Laura and Ashley have formed Fairy Hunters, Ink., a group designed to find all the different fairies in the world and to record those findings.

This book is a collection of their most recent discoveries and concludes with the promise of more to come.

Their findings bring you in touch with a dozen or so different type of fairy folk, including a sock fairy (those pesky fairies responsible for missing socks), button fairies and even a disgruntled fairy named Balam. The tales are told from the perspective of Laura, an adult, and each fairy tale is unique and tremendously amusing.

Each fairy has its own illustration and they are detailed, colorful and whimsical. At just a little over 100 pages, it seems a lengthy kids' book, but the pages and the print are large and it could easily be read in a couple of nights to your child. While I think this book will appeal mostly to children and young teens, I think any adult who can still see a little magic in the world will enjoy it, too.

Fairy Hunters, Ink. is a wonderfully written and fanciful story -- guaranteed to make you smile.

review by
Cherise Everhard

9 January 2010

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