Darjeeling Limited
directed by Wes Anderson
(20th Century Fox, 2008)

There's a time-out-of-mind feeling in Darjeeling Limited that makes me think it could just as easily have taken place in the 1960s. If Francis (Owen Wilson) hadn't kept looking for a power cord, I would have been flashing back to the time when the Kinks' music from the soundtrack was original.

The story's about three brothers: Francis (Owen Wilson), Peter (Adrien Brody) and Jack (Jason Schwartzman). Francis originally tells his two younger sibs they're going on a spiritual journey after their father's death. His real motive is to find their mother (Anjelica Huston), who's gone off to an Indian convent instead of attending their father's funeral.

Unfortunately, the brothers are not only not bonding -- they're driving the conductor crazy 'til they get kicked off. They do manage to pull things together to help some locals and, in so doing, experience the revival they'd needed. From there, they travel to see their Mom.

Even if the brothers are occasionally depressing, the scenery, music and train are well worth watching Darjeeling Limited for. This is definitely a spiritual journey even for those of us watching in the audience.

review by
Becky Kyle

26 April 2008

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