Jenny Davis,
Inside You
(independent, 2009)

On Inside You, Jenny Davis has an easygoing 10 tracks, backed only by Chuck Easton on guitar and flute and Ted Enderle on standup bass, with Louis Aissen on tenor sax on "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall."

The setup works well. Easton's guitar work combines leads with subtle effects and expert chording to give a full sound, and Davis picks songs that have an intimate feel, like "My Romance," "Blackbird" and the title track, which is her own composition.

Davis has a clear, strong voice, and she uses jazz inflections to liven up these standards. She even includes a vocalese rendition of Charlie Parker's "Confirmation," and does a swinging version of "Softly (As in a Morning Sunrise)."

This light but musically hip CD should appeal to all fans of jazz vocals.

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music review by
Dave Howell

5 February 2011

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