Darren Deicide,
The Jersey Devil is Here
(Ever Reviled, 2008)

New Jersey-based Darren Deicide has released his third album, The Jersey Devil is Here , with nine self-crafted songs on his own label, Ever Reviled Records. Deicide sings and plays guitars, and he recorded the CD with some additional singers, percussionist Ben Ross, violinist Brian Peck and harmonica player Jon Marshall Hansen.

The CD starts with the fiery punk-rock song "Won't You?" and Deicide's guitar licks accompanying his passionate punkish singing. The title track is a psychedelic satanic mix brought forward with whispering voice and shuffling rhythm. Peck's melancholic violin playing is added to the hypnotic finger-picked guitar sound. "Leave Me Alone" is rock 'n' roll a la Deicide with guitar, voice and harmonica rocking together, and "The Cocaine Song" is blues rock with a bunch of guys singing along.

Darren Deicide delivers a sound that reaches from blues-rock and punkish rock 'n' roll to psycho-rock and further on to the wildest punk. The music is dominated by the sound of his guitar and voice, the rapid pace of punk and the hypnotic rhythms of psycho rock.

The Jersey Devil is Here isn't for blues purists, for sure, but those who like to see blues stretched in new directions might want to give this a try.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

6 June 2009

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