Michael Delalla,
(Falling Mountain, 2000)

Here we have an album of technically excellent instrumental pieces for the solo guitar. Michael Delalla is a very good player and composer.

Most of the tracks here are very personal. Some are written for his family, others recall places he loved and even his cover versions of other people's works are predicated on his admiration for them. Quite often the best in any tradition of music come from personal feelings. Unfortunately, instrumental pieces are not the best at interpreting such feelings to strangers without a written commentary.

I liked this album and if I were in the film or documentary business I would be seeking permission to use many of the tracks to use as soundtrack material. As so often happens, true excellence in musicianship needs to be absorbed in small doses or else be taken in subconsciously. It not meant as an insult to this album to say that I enjoy using it as a soundtrack to my reading or writing.

The more I hear it the better I like it, but I cannot see any showstoppers here or major radio play tracks other than on late night "smoochy" radio where hits are seldom discovered.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 1 December 2001

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