Carlo de Lorenzi,
Four Seasons in One Recess
(independent, 2011)

Canadian keyboardist Carlo de Lorenzi has a nice mix of jazz, pop, funk and hip-hop on these 10 tracks. It begins with the funky "Key Lime Pie," with de Lorenzi accompanied only by drums while he plays organ, piano, electric piano, clavinet and synth bass without any apparent overdubs.

The first of four vocal tracks is "Ode to Raven," a beautiful song with de Lorenzi adding string and percussion arrangements along with keyboards. Vocalist Steffany Venneri returns on "The Calling," while Jessie Lefebve does the vocals on "Edge of the Rainstorm." The lyrics are a bit quirky but these are all great tracks. The fourth, "Blue Sky Down," fails a bit as neither the words nor tune are memorable.

"Back Flip" is a playful confection with Dan Chalot on alto saxophone. "Rocky Harbor" is pensive with Jason Sadites on guitar. De Lorenzi plays many different keyboards on the final cut, the mellow synth-laden "Door to The Heart."

These originals have strong melodies throughout, largely pop-oriented but with originality so that they never sound tailored for a particular marketplace or written just for radio play.

De Lorenzi has jazz chops, but he uses them to enhance his songs without taking long solos. He is not afraid to use electronics, but they do not overwhelm his work as happens in a lot of fusion.

This is a near perfect bridge of jazz with mainstream songs.

music review by
Dave Howell

23 July 2011

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