Krista Detor,
(Corazong, 2006)

Laid back was never as appropriate in describing a style of delivery as when applied to Krista Detor. If it were not for the strength of the lyrics, this collection would be in danger of lulling you into such a feeling of well being that you might lose all sense of time and place.

She has been compared to Laura Nyro and Leonard Cohen, and on even my first listen, I could see why. This is poetry set to music, and like all good poems the sentiments are universal and personal at the same time. Nowhere is this more evident than on the inspiring "Abigayle's Song," the perfect blend of excellent lyrics, voice and arrangement.

A nice gentle piano leads us into "Dancing in a Minefield." A wonderful song is "Steal Me a Car," which moves along with a hypnotic beat that has the listener hooked. There is a marvelous old-style feel to both the delivery and backing.

A favourite track for me was "The Hampton Sisters." It is a beautiful story-song ideally suited to Detor's style of singing.

The packaging and design of the album totally complement the content. The photographs have a surreal quality that perfectly matches the atmosphere her music evokes. My tiny concern is the lack of lyrics printed on the insert. These lyrics deserve more attention.

This is her second release, but I see many more in her future.

by Nicky Rossiter
13 May 2006

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