Like the Wind in the Trees
(Sammasati, 2002;
New Earth, 2004)

The notes for this CD begin by saying C.G. Deuter "is a pioneer in the realm of healing and meditation music." I questioned this because I think a lot of music is designed for healing. And a lot of music has long been associated with meditative practices. Music brings us to many moods and places that aid our spirits and our bodies in their growth and development.

The notes continue by saying, "Deuter's music has become a favorite of healers and bodyworkers and is used extensively in clinics and hospitals by medical and psychological therapists." That his music is used in this way and that his music is put together specifically for this use seems to be where the pioneering aspect comes in.

When I think one of my brothers needs cheering up, I'll send him music from home like Scott MacMillan's Celtic Mass for the Sea and Ashley MacIsaac's Christmas CD. But I don't think this is what Deuter's music is about. I suspect his CDs would be used for cases in treating brain injuries, depression, mood disorders, hyperactivity and for all sorts of physical relaxation exercises.

Subtle and soothing tracks work like fingers of a whispery breeze combing your hair, like a baby's silk skin against your cheek, or a drop of morning rain running down your arm. Here are universal sounds that cannot be attributed to any one culture and, though subtle, there is an unmistakably intense energy running beneath the surface of the soft and low treble of the bamboo flute. Every tiny hair on your body responds to the flow.

I wouldn't consider this in the easy-listening category because my body and mind rebelled. (If I get off-stride by 10 minutes, my day's schedule is shot.) Through an exotic and measured tension, the music holds and stirs, holds and then stirs. Your life's moments must be flowing at a very slow pace to receive this music well. I promise to try it for my next yoga session, but I suspect that as a beginner, I would still be moving too fast for the pace of this recording.

Unquestionably, this music seems to achieve exactly what it is meant to be. If you are serious about relaxation time or meditation and renewal this is for you.

- Rambles
written by Virginia MacIsaac
published 1 March 2003

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