Danger Girl: Back in Black
by Andy Hartnell, Nick Bradshaw (WildStorm, 2007)

The elite Danger Girl team is back, and this time they're riding motorcycles!

OK, I don't know how to say it other than that. These highly capable but barely dressed superspies, archeologists and adventurers are back for another go-around in Back in Black, a tale that sends them off to a gathering of redneck bikers in order to find and acquire a Native American artifact.

There's a gang of lady bikers, too, who may or may not prove to be allies, but in the meantime they're all on bikes and wearing leather, so who's gonna complain?

The story is fairly one-dimensional but will satisfy readers looking for something fast-paced and sort of funny. The art is a good slice of cheesecake, although it's not nearly so tasty as J. Scott Campbell's earlier renditions of these oh-so-dangerous and delightfully underdressed women.

But hell, it's the Danger Girls. If you buy it, you know what to expect. And you'll get it, with nothing more.

review by
Tom Knapp

18 October 2008

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