Danger Girl: Body Shots
by Andy Hartnell, Nick Bradshaw (WildStorm, 2008)

It's been a while since I picked up a Danger Girl book, so I decided to give Body Shots a try.

See what they did there with the title? It's about taking bullets to the torso, because these girls live dangerous, James Bond meets Charlie's Angels lives. But it's also about drinking alcohol off of near-naked women, because that's sexy, right? It's called word play, people!

My reaction to the book, much like my reaction to the double entendre in the title, was "meh."

Someone claiming to have the ability to detonate any and all nuclear weapons from his secret hideout is threatening the world and demanding the head of the U.S. president as his first payment. The book came out in 2008, but this doesn't resemble any president I'm aware of, so there's that. And the bad guy actually believes the president might parachute alone into the jungle to meet his demand, so he must not be very bright, all things considered.

Potential for a nuclear holocaust notwithstanding, the storyline lacks any real feel of immediate danger, and even the art is kind of blah. The cheesecake factor -- the big saving grace of this entire series -- is limited, and somehow the girls have all developed huge chins. There's no thrill. I'm bored.

Only Danger Girl completists -- Are there such people? Anyone? -- need bother with this one.

review by
Tom Knapp

20 July 2013

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