Jon Di Fiore,
Yellow Petals
(Third Freedom Music, 2014)

Boasting excellent musicianship, Yellow Petals is a very melodic and attractive album that definitely grows on one with each listening.

The piano is particularly impressive and expressive, with a huge range of moods. I do not mean to slight the drumming and the bass, though! Both have a lot of moments to shine, and also are solid backing for the piano as it explores its themes broadly.

I appreciate the skill of all three musicians -- composer Jon Di Fiore on drums, with Adrian Moring on bass and Billy Test on piano -- and the album definitely rewards repeated and conscious listening -- as well as being pleasantly melodic when one has other things one needs to concentrate on. I loved the generally relaxed mood it evokes.

This is an excellent album, and one that features jazz piano in a way I had not heard it before.

music review by
Amanda Fisher

26 April 2014

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