Chris Dolley,
The Unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall: A Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mystery
(Book View Cafe, 2016)

I love P.G. Wodehouse, country house mysteries and steampunk, each on its own merits, so this mash-up of styles is just to my taste!

Yes, it is silly ... but so are all its root genres.

The Wooster and Jeeves relationship, here revised as Reeves and Worcester, is excellently done (although it lacks the standard trope of a particularly awful article of clothing that Bertie clings to and which Jeeves must negotiate the trashing thereof). Here, Reeves is an automaton, but one that easily passes for human. Worcester is just as ditzy as Wooster. The other members of the house party are pretty classic, and the murder is well-done.

Oh! Add into the mix proto-movies that steal from all the best sources and then add things like lizard-men and steam-powered octopi.

I enjoyed Chris Dolley's The Unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall quite a lot. The tone is perfect for this crazy mix. I will probably read more in the series.

book review by
Amanda Fisher

9 December 2017

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