Teresa Doyle,
If Fish Could Sing
... and Sheep Could Dance

(Bedlam, 1998)

Prince Edward Island singer Teresa Doyle teamed up with multi-talented musician Oliver Schroer on this engaging CD of Celtic songs for children.

Doyle's voice is the perfect vehicle for such songs as "The Shearing," "Ca' the Ewes" and "Lots of Fish in Bonavist' Harbour" that recall the rich heritage of song of Ireland, Scotland and Atlantic Canada.

Highlights also include the fun "Sailor's Alphabet," "I'll Tell Me Ma" and a host of other lively, percussion- and harmony-rich traditional folk songs, most reflecting their fishing or agricultural origins. She even sings in French on "Si J'avais des Beaux Souliers," accompanied by Le Gang de Vendredi (a children's choir known in French as the Friday Gang).

Schroer adds his sound technical and musical sense to the mix as well as producer, arranger, as well as contributing on several instruments including fiddle and mandolin. Notable among the other contributors is bass player David Woodhead, who seems to make any recording of Maritime music a little better, and percussionist Ben Grossman.

Also coming in on backup vocals (and receiving prominent billing on the credits) are the talented local children calling themselves the Girls of Bedlamb.

Doyle was nominated for a Canadian Juno Award for this recording. She has indeed outdone herself on this fine CD that children love!

- Rambles
written by David Cox
published 24 October 2004