Paulette Dozier,
With You
(independent, 2005)

Miami-based jazz singer Paulette Dozier has produced her album With You together with Michael Levine, who also plays the piano. A bunch of talented musicians is involved in the making of this classical jazz album.

The CD includes seven original jazz songs, one song by Levine and Dozier, one medley and the Billie Holiday song "Strange Fruit"-inspired "Ode to Billie & Freddy," with Dozier's own lyrics. Dozier dedicated this song to Billie Holiday and Federico Bottozi, a close family friend who passed away at age 21. Accompanied only by the guitar, Dozier sings about her friendship with Federico full of sadness.

Dozier has a rather deep voice, and as long as she sticks to these tones her singing is great -- like on the brilliant medley "Groovin' with Marvin," by far one of my favourites on the CD. But if she tries to hit the high tones, the volume of her voice gets weaker. Also, the change from high to low tones is not always perfect. Thus, her version of one of my favourite classic jazz songs, "Fever," doesn't really convince me. The title song, the only totally self-made song on the album, is a beautiful and melancholic ballad.

The recording succeeds quite well, though I miss the real punch you get when listening to one of those breathtaking jazz albums. Nevertheless, it is a nice collection of jazz standards brought forward flawlessly -- and I like it.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

17 November 2007

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