Linda Draper,
Modern Day Decay
(Draper Music, 2016)

Linda Draper has scored a sure-fire hit with Modern Day Decay, her eighth release.

Produced in just two days with crowd-funding, the album features 10 original songs, centered on contemporary problems but with lyrics expressing a note of hope and not despair. Love is also an essential part of the process, as emphasized in "Put Love In."

Draper says she feels the crowd-funding experience provided a closer connection with her ever-growing number of fans.

One reason for the short production time, she said, was an attempt to provide a sense of the kind of intimacy an artist has when playing before a live audience. That sense of intimacy is obvious in the album, each song for the listener's ears only.

Take time to listen to or read the lyrics. There's a poetry there that goes beyond mere entertainment. Nor does that detract from the quality of the music. Draper and her backup team are all professionals in the best sense of the word.

Some personal favorites on this album include "Take Your Money & Run," "Burn Your Bridges" and "Pedestal," but it's all good listening.

Draper is the lead vocalist on the album and also plays acoustic guitar. Providing backup are Jeff Eyrich, upright and electric bass; Eric Puente, drums and percussion; Steve Mayone, electric and slide guitar and bass; Emily Spray, backup vocals on "Lose With Me," and Matt Keating, keyboards, 12-string guitar, second acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion, harmonica and backup vocals on "Keep Your Head Up" and "Nashville."

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music review by
John Lindermuth

18 June 2016

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